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Mission Statement & Support Statement


Following the charism of the gospels and the Rule of Saint Benedict, the Mount Michael Booster Club shall promote Mount Michael Benedictine School's extracurricular activities, awareness of the school, sportsmanship, and Christian values.


The Booster Club supports many activities and Projects:
Sports Broadcasts, Event Programs, Youth Basketball, Performing Arts Equipment, Supplements Activities Budgets, Sponsor Speakers, Facilities Renovations and Equipment, Robotics, Youth Football Camp and Much More.




Opening of School Mass & Picnic
Sponsored by the Booster Club 


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Wish List


  • New multi-passenger van or SUV to transport student/athletes. $60,000
  • New folding tables and chairs. $2,000
  • A new AED defibrillator machine. $1,800


Board Members



President:                    Mark & Amy Bova

Vice Presidents:          Miles & Lynn DeMayo

Treasurer:                   Jim Suing

Secretary:                   Kevin & Linda Hitzemann 



Board Members

Class of 2017 Representatives (Seniors)

Emily & Eric Coldiron

Becky & Bob Ecker

Mary Kay & Tom Halpin

Cindy & Kelly Muma

Lori & Bob Price


Class of 2018 Representatives (Juniors)

Kate & Steve Baxley

Amy & Mark Bova

Malia Jamal

Tina & Jamie Hudson

Sam & Dave Hohman


Class of 2019 Representatives (Sophomores)

Lynn & Miles DeMayo

Linda and Kevin Hitzemann

Marsha and Chris Kalkowski

Dave and Nina Mohr


Class of 2020 Representatives (Freshman)

Becky & Jim Bazata

Gena & John Benson

Maree & Andy Schroder



Silver Knight Representatives





Booster Club Tailgate Party

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