The Mount Michael library continues a long Benedictine tradition dating back to the early Middle Ages. In their libraries and scriptoriums Benedictine monks played a central roll in preserving and promoting the intellectual life of western civilization. Today this Benedictine tradition lives on through our library's support of the pursuit of knowledge by students, faculty, and monks.


In building on the tradition of the past and moving towards the promises of the future: The Mount Michael Library provides resources, services, assistance, and encouragement that stimulates the mind and spirit in a scholarly environment.


The Mount Michael Library provides:


.....resources necessary for scholarship and study in the 21st Century. The libraries resources are current, accessible, and technologically up-to-date. that enhance the learning process. The library personnel work with community members in acquiring and preparing materials for classroom use and personal fulfillment.


.....assistance to the school and monastic communities in developing the skills necessary for accessing, and using information.


.....encouragement to the school and monastic communities in developing a life long respect for learning and excellence, in their intellectual and spiritual quest for truth. The library develops and maintains guides, reviews, and displays of media and books that will encourage reading and enrich the lives of community members.


.....a scholarly environment that enhances and encourages learning. The library environment is well organized, attractive, and technologically progressive.