Math & Science Competitions


Mount Michael students participate in a variety of mathematics & science competitions throughout the school year. 


In Math the competitions include: UNL Math Day, AMC 10/12, UNO Problem of the Week, and Wayne State Math Competition, Midland University Math Competition.


In November, the top math students travel to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to compete in the UNL Math Day.  Over 1300 students from across the state compete as a team on a written exam as well as a quiz bowl competition.  Mount Michael has won the class B exam for the past 6 years.


Over the course of the year, students are encouraged to compete in the University of Nebraska-Omaha’s online competition where students submit answers to questions from UNO’s Math Department.  In February, students are given the opportunity to compete in the American Mathematics Competition.  Our students compete against students worldwide.  Lastly, in May, select students travel to Wayne State to compete in Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus.


In Science students compete in the Creighton University Physics field day, the University of Nebraska Omaha Chemistry field day and the Nebraska Science Bowl at the University of Nebraska Lincoln.  There is also a written exam sponsored by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) known as the Physics Bowl.  For advanced students the AAPT also has an exam for the National Physics Olympiad.   




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Math & Science Trophy Case

 The Knights are a perennial power in Math and Science competitions and have a packed trophy case to show for their efforts.

Check the News Blog to see how the Knights have done recently.