Student Council


Student Council representatives are responsible for working with school officials in coordinating events and providing input into school policies.

Membership on the student council is not only an honor. It provides students with opportunities to develop leadership and collaboration skills.

Membership consists of two officers from each class, one international student and one day student representative, along with a student body president. Elections are held at the beginning of each school year. 

The student council uses funds raised through dance admissions to support various student activities.




2017-2018 Mount Michael Student Council


Larger Photo

Student Body President

Armel Mignondje


Sr. Class President

Jack Avilla


Sr. Class Vice-President

Dash Wedergren


Jr. Class President

Temi Adeyemo


Jr. Class Vice-President

Andrew Wilson


So. Class President

Ben deMayo


So. Class Vice-President

Jacob Gathje


Fr. Class President

Eli Crnkovich


Fr. Class Vice-President

Henry Hohman


Day Student Representative

Garrett Gloeb


7 Day Boarder Representative

Ming Hint (Alvin) Chui